How online learning facilitates the 4Cs of education

Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration

Sep 23, 2022·

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Lauded as the 21st century's "Critical Skills", communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration have become buzzwords among educators.

The 4Cs have also been mooted as essential skills of the future workforce.

Here is how online learning can facilitate the 4Cs of education.

  1. Communication

    • An online learning environment requires students to communicate effectively and clearly.
    • Communicating clearly online is a necessary skill especially with regard to technology, as we move into an AI driven environment.
  2. Critical Thinking

    • Exploring ways to stimulate critical thinking, specifically in an online environment, is valuable.
    • Teachers can actively require students to adopt a viewpoint different from their original thesis in order to teach them the function of bias in how they think about the world.
  3. Creativity

    • The internet is a wide, rich and rambling space, enabling extraordinary exploration of ideas.
    • Focus not only what your students can findout, but mine for how they can apply that knowledge to solve old problems with new solutions.
  4. Collaboration

    • Interaction and the capacity to immediately challenge assumptions is said to be minimized in online learning.
    • However, online learning environments, with their ability to teach across distances, are rich with cultural diversity.
    • It goes without saying that as technology shortens the distances between us, our ability to understand, and accept other cultures in an academic environment is increased.

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