How coaching classes like #Aakash and #Allen and #Byju's dumb down kids

Dec 5, 2022·

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1) Excessive focus on marks : Tuitions teach kids to cram because they focus solely on achieving high scores rather than on understanding and retaining knowledge. This can lead to shallow learning and a lack of critical thinking skills.

2) Rote learning: Tuitions often rely on repetitive drills and memorization techniques, which can lead to a lack of creativity and critical thinking.

3) Pressure to perform: Tuitions create a high-pressure competitive environment where students feel like they have to perform well in order to please their parents and teachers. This leads to a lack of curiosity and a lack of interest in learning for its own sake.

4) Lack of support: Tuitions are money- making businesses . They are over-crowded and do not provide students with the personal support and guidance they need to develop their full potential. This can lead to a lack of confidence and motivation, which can hinder learning.

5) Inability to adapt: Tuitions focus on teaching to standardized tests, which can limit students' ability to adapt to new situations and think outside the box.

6) Excessive dependence on the teacher : Students become passive recipients of the lectures the tuition teacher delivers. They aren't able to think for themselves .